Keeping Pace with the Times

Keeping Pace with the Times - ToastmastersToastmasters is an old and respected global brand with a new promise to help you shine and to realize your dreams as a communicator.

You might think: “Who gives toasts these days?”

A friend mine recently got the call unexpectedly. He had no time to think. It was a retirement dinner and the man who was supposed to do the job, was sick so the boss asked my friend if he would say a few words and toast the woman who was retiring.

“No” was not an option. He got through it okay, but a bit of practice beforehand would have been good.

As Warren Buffet famously said, “Your speaking ability is either an asset or a liability… that lasts a lifetime.” How many opportunities are you missing because you are avoiding speaking in public, or not doing your best when you do get the opportunity?

The basics are still very much in demand. There are many occasions where adults are asked to say a few words. Do you hide, or can you stand up and impress?

Change is the biggest factor that shapes our lives. We all have to deal with it no matter what our stage of life. Most importantly, we all need to be able to tell our story. That means we all need to constantly update our story as our lives progress. So if someone says “ Tell us about yourself”, you shine with a compelling story, instead of stumbling through a dry laundry list of what you do.

Pathways projects are designed to align with your highest communication challenges.
They can help you to clarify who you are, shape your story, design your website offer, add a
short video of you telling your story, create a blog, or start a vlog. Doing any of these things alone without training is difficult. With support, you can be there quickly and easily. You’ll wonder why it took so long.

Keeping Pace with the Times - Bragging About Granddaughter
Maybe you just want to brag about your new granddaughter!

By the way, in case you are wondering, all of this applies if you are retired. You are creating a new purpose to be useful and make a difference. Toastmasters will keep you growing and keep you young!

Toastmasters has never been more relevant, or more able to help you reach your goals.  Be our guest any Wednesday at 7 am. Find out what you’re missing.

You’ll have fun. That’s a promise!

MorningStars meets every Wednesday at Harmony Hall, Harmony Lane, Gibsons. CLICK HERE for map and details.

Written by
Michael Worsfold, VP Education,
MorningStars Toastmasters, Gibsons, B.C.

Gold Star Moment: Center Stage with 'Higher Ground'

Michael Worsfold Sings Higher GroundOur very own Michael Worsfold took center stage at his nieces wedding earlier this month to perform his song “Higher Ground” for over 100 people. In the bride’s words, he “nailed it.”

Michael said he received lots of good feedback from wedding guests, young and old. He also was able to surprise a few of his friends and family with his musical talent.

He credits his songwritng coach Lowry Olafson and his Morningstar friends for helping him to prepare to take his passion center stage.

Congratulations, Michael!


A Second Look at Networking & Toastmasters

Networking Toastmasters BC

a group or system of interconnected people or things
synonyms: system, complex, nexus, web, webwork

My elevator pitch is underhanded and falls short of homeplate. I don’t see myself as the person that can change a person’s life with a flutter of business cards and a casual “call me.”  Networking, for me, was the downside to mixers, chamber meetings and social gatherings.

That was until fellow Morningstars Toastmaster, Andrea K., explained the true heart of networking . . . and Toastmasters.

The true essence of networking isn’t in how flashy your elevator pitch is or the creative design of your brochures. It is in the INTERCONNECTION of the people. Networking is about learning something about the people who inhibit your world, your town or the grocery store. It is about sharing a vulnerable aspect of you and listening to the heart in their story. It is the common ground, the connection that links you to them and puts you on the top of their go-to lists when a project or person seeks your expertise.

Authentic connections build the foundation to build other relationships. It involves expression, listening and critical thinking.

Every week in Toastmasters, members serve up a healthy serving of connections as they “speak their minds, speak their hearts.” This week, one of our newer members revealed his hidden talents as a folk singer and writer, sharing his first song with us. A member of our board offered a glimmer of her soul about weathering the worst of life’s storms to get to the Land of “Awes”.

Our connections are made by the stories we tell, the roles we execute and our willingness to push to the next level in communication. Each of us has an area of expertise that helps level-up the members. Some of us are “wordies” (as one member put it). Some are masters at structure and organization. Sharing our strengths with others, builds them up.

We are all connected via Toastmasters, not by being members; but we are each the network of the strengths of each member of the club.

Like networking — you get what you put into Toastmasters, and it wouldn’t be the same without you.

NOTE: Next week’s theme is In Flanders Field. Please take the time to sign up for roles in TurboBase! See you at Harmony Hall at 7am, Wednesday Nov. 11, 2015.