Area Contest

Toastmasters International  Speech Competition – Area Level

On Saturday, Feb 23, toastmasters from all four clubs on the Sunshine Coast gathered for the Area contest. Winners from the contests at the club level participated in the Area Contest Level.

Two contests were held, the International Speech Contest, and the Evaluation Contest. The contest was ably chaired by Sandy Wrightman, president of Morningstars.

All speeches were timed by our two expert timers, Kate and Sue.

Here are our speech contest winners. First place Shawna (centre) will proceed to the Division Level Contest.

First place winner Shawna being congratulated by our Area Director, Debra Taylor.

Here are the evaluation contest winners. First place Andrew (centre) is eligible to advance to the Division contest. Eleanor Kroeger, District 96 Director, (right) was present and delivered the test speech for the contest.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the helpers who made the contest possible.


Is It a Speech or Is It a Performance?

With the Toastmasters World Championships coming up in August, lots of Toastmasters all over the world are practising and getting coaching for their speeches as they prepare to represent their district at the top level.

One of the areas of recent discussion in clubs has been the trend toward making the speech more of a performance than a speech.  A recent article by Darren LaCroix, former World Champion, gives an excellent perspective on the influence of TED Talks, and on where the speaking trend is going at the international level.

Read more about it here.

Don’t Wait

Written by PJ, Morningstars Past President

From where I stood at the lectern, Wednesday’s gathering of Morningstars looked like another megawatt meeting.

Standing room only, it’s the new normal at Harmony Hall with so many energetic new members changing the face of Club 1248.

And five more guests!

And a guest speaker.

Reg Boaler from Richmond dropped in on his way to Las Vegas where he’ll represent District 96 in the International Speech Championships. He needs the practice, he says, although you could have fooled me. He blew us away with a speech titled, “Don’t Wait.”

As in, don’t wait to tell the people you love that you love them.

When Reg handed the lectern back to me (as Chairperson) I was so choked up I couldn’t thank him properly.

It’s a gift to be exposed to this calibre of speech craft, and I was especially glad to see so many new members experience first-hand how it’s done.

There’s a critical time in the orientation of a new member when they’ll either be positively infected with the club culture, or they will decide Toastmasters is not for them. I wish I knew why we fail some members. I’m going to address this mystery in a couple of weeks with an educational presentation about the dynamics of a member’s first few meetings.

Our newest Morningstars, like Shannon and Sarah and Margot and Mike and Sharon and Andrea and Weegee got to experience the changing of guard on Wednesday morning—a new executive elected for the term starting July 1.

Here’s the committee, starting with our brand new President:

  • President — Sharon L
  • VP-Education — Katherine S
  • VP-Public Relations — Johanna R
  • Secretary — Ben R
  • Treasurer — Larry B
  • Sergeant at Arms — Liam B

We’re still looking for a VP-Membership. If you see her, tell her she can run but she can’t hide. And why would you? In the words of Reg Boaler: “Don’t wait.”

While Toastmasters has always presented speaking opportunities, our new mission is to help members apply their communication skills to becoming leaders. The executive committee, which meets roughly once every two months, is a no-stress opportunity to practice leadership.

I mean, how hard can it be to run a megawatt club with standing room only?

And finally, “Don’t Wait” to log on to TurboBase and sign up for a role in next week’s meeting.

See you there.