Get Pumped for the Spring Speech Contests

2017 Spring ContestsThe Morningstars Toastmasters Club spring contests will be held on March 29, 2017. The event will include the International Speech and Evaluation contests.

As a friendly reminder, here are the basic rules for each contest. For further information, please visit our Contest 101 under Resources at the top of the page AND download the 2016-2017 Speech Contest Rulebook.

Eligibility for Both Contests:

  • Be a paid member of the club, area, division, district in which you are competing.
  • Club must be in good standing
  • Maintain eligibility at all levels of contest

International Speech Contest

  • Contestants must have completed six speech projects in the Competent Communicator manual
  • Subject selected by contestant
  • Speeches must be prepared by contestant and substantially original (25% or less can come from quotes or paraphrasing)
  • Speeches are 5 – 7 minutes  (below 4:30 and over 7:30 results in disqualification)

Evaluations Contest

  • Verbal evaluation of the test speaker’s speech
  • Prepare own evaluation
  • Two to three minutes in length. (below 1:30 and over 3:30 results in disqualification)

And the Club 1248 Winners Are . . .

That moment when you see someone step up and shine.
That moment when the past year’s accomplishments pay off.
That moment when you watch someone take their skills to the next level.

Wednesday’s International Speech and Evaluation Contest was that moment.

I was impressed and in awe at the ability, courage and demonstrated skills of our club as members took the lectern to participate in the two contests.

Speech and Evaluation ContestWilliam B., who took first prize, and Michael W., a close second, participated in the International Speech Contest chaired by Weegee S. Both contestants will continue on to the Area finals (TBD). It is the only one that goes all the way to the International competition level – and where the World Champion of Public Speaking is decided!

In the Evaluations Contest chaired by the lovely Ria Q., Sandy W. (first), PJ R. (second), Sarah L and William B. delivered a two to three minute evaluation on Liam’s “Trump Card” test speech. It’s always interesting to see the personal observations and takeaways each evaluator has to offer.

As always, there were several key positions manned by the talented members of our club. Without their assistance, the contest would not have been a success: Katherine S., Johanna R. (Chief Judge), Bertha C. (ballot counter) Vimalasara M. (ballot counter), Patricia H. (Judge), Frank C. (Judge), Kate W. (Judge), Michael S. (Timer) and Larry B. (Timer).

Special thank you to those who filled the roles and congratulations to all those who participated!