Growing at District 96 Spring Conference

D96 2017 Spring Conference Re-cap by Area Director, Sheila Cameron 

“Oh! The Ways You’ll Grow!” was the conference theme, and I am so pleased with the growth experienced by our Area 73 members. We had representatives from every Sunshine Coast club at the event, and we all shared our experiences as we rode the ferry home together.

MorningSTARS sponsored two first-time conference attendees. What a fabulous benefit to our members’ educational experience. Take a look at all the ways we grew!

D’Arcy from MorningSTARS was immediately struck by the friendly energy that fellow Toastmasters extended to her. During the Evaluation and International Speech contests, she focused on observing the many different styles of delivering a speech—and became inspired to stay true to her own style.

Lance Miller

Sarah from MorningSTARS brought home a quote from 2005 World Champion, Lance Miller’s education session: “Speak from your heart; that’s all that matters.” She also appreciated the helpful tips he offered about Life Force, Message, and Mechanics. 

Jennie from our nearly-chartered “Coastmasters” club, came for the latter half of the day. She found a lot of positive energy to keep her uplifted throughout the afternoon and evening.

Maureen from the “Sunshine” club was drawn to hear Lance Miller. She finds him engaging, and she received validation for her feeling that the “club is the most important thing” in Toastmasters.

William from Beachcombers (and MorningSTARS!) experienced a lot of growth. As his second straight year on the District stage, he found this year much less stressful and noted that, as you get more humbled (by losing), you’re increasingly better able to deliver your message more effectively. He delivered a knockout speech and—unfortunately—received an overtime disqualification. 

And me? Oh! I grew! I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to be the Test Speaker for the Evaluation Contest. It was thrilling to deliver a speech to such a supportive audience and then receive eight evaluations full of encouraging feedback and great suggestions. Every speaking opportunity gives me greater confidence, and I’m so glad I took this chance to increase my own growth.

Next up is the International Convention being held in our home District at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Aug 23-26. Volunteers receive a great discount on the whole conference. 

Or you may choose to attend only the World Championship of Public Speaking finals on Friday, Aug 25 at 8pm. General admission $75USD; Reserved seating $120USD.

Attending My First Toastmasters Conference

Like many members, I feel I receive a weekly dose of inspiration from the members of my club during our regularly scheduled meetings. I hear stories of struggle and triumph, while learning a bit more about structure, content and how to be a good listener.

When I was approached about attending my first district conference, I scoffed. What could I possible get that goes beyond what I am already receiving?

The answer, my friends, is more than I thought.

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