Let the Games Begin!

Normally, Toastmasters is not a competitive arena. Far from it. As the banner says—the slogan that overlooks our every meeting—“Evolving Together, Shaping Our World.”

Twice a year, however, we evolve through the process of spirited competition.

March 19, 2014, 7 am
Harmony Hall, Gibsons
Morningstars Toastmasters Club
International Speech Competition
& Speech Evaluation Contest

Here’s what you need to know:

Three Speech contestants and four Evaluation contestants have boldly stepped forward. It’s not too late to join them. Contact us if you’d like to be added to the list of competitors, or if you’d like more information about the competitions.

We also have a stellar lineup of three judges, one chief judge, two timers, counters, and who knows what else. I’m the contest chair and am climbing a steep learning curve on the way to running a smooth show.

If you don’t have a role, you do now—audience! What’s a blood sport without applauders and appreciators.

And bring a friend. Guests welcome, as usual.

Please note: we are assembling at Harmony Hall even earlier than usual. By 7 a.m. all contestants and judges start their briefing sessions. The show starts shortly after that.

See you there!

Next Up – Division Contest

Contributing writer Sandy Wrightman, Area Governor and Member of Morningstars.

Bill Baker, Contest Chair, and Paula Howley, winner of both contests.
Bill Baker, Contest Chair, and Paula Howley, winner of both contests.

We had a wonderful speech competition today. First of all many thanks to our chairperson Bill Baker. He successfully held on to a lot of reins and not only kept us all on track and on time; he   introduced everyone and did wonderful, innovative interviews with the participants in the contest. The audience was invited us to participate in the interview by asking questions.

Thanks to our very able sergeant-at-arms, John Gaudaur, who set up the room, took down it down again, supervised and controlled our evaluation speakers. and baked two different kinds of yummies. I can personally attest to the degree of yumminess.

Our evaluators and speakers were well worth spending a beautiful sunny day indoors to listen to what they had to say. Only one person can move on to the next level of competition but we had only winners there today. I do not know how the judges did it as each speaker spoke from the heart and drew us right into their experiences.

The TBA test speaker was Myrna Taylor from Vancouver . She is on the executive of the Advanced Club Politically Speaking, almost has completed her 2nd DTM and delighted us with her tale about stories.

Our timers Sharon and Larry were on the job and they were needed as 2 speakers timed out.

Our highly secret, never to be named judges, had their work cut out for them. Somehow they added and subtracted their scores to come up with a winner for both contests.

Ann Dickie from the Sechelt Club was our greeter and donation receiver.

Thanks to all the other busy bees who moved furniture, set up out of the way meeting areas and the evaluation ‘green room’. To say nothing of making tea, and coffee and setting out the goodies.

Special thanks to our audience who showed up on a sunny afternoon to cheer everyone on.

In both competitions Paula Howley from the Sechelt Club was awarded 1st place. Congratulations Paula, and all the best as you move on to the Division Contest on April 20th in North Vancouver.

And sincere congratulations to the other speakers.

In the evaluation competition:
Maureen McBeath
Ben Rusuisiak

In the International:
Katherine Scott
Maureen McBeath
Greg Lewis

What a wonderful competition.

International Speech Contest

Written by Bill Baker, President

On April 3rd we had the International Speech Contest and wow, was it amazing. We had a lineup of great contestants and engaging topics.

In order to enter the contest the participants must have completed at least 6 formal speeches from the Communications and Leadership Manual – the basic manual that all Toastmasters begin with. We had a lively group of speakers and some wonderful topics. Our members still have the ability to surprise us with their wonderful stories.

The judges, once again, had a challenging job of selecting the winning speeches and we finally got the results.  The winners were:

1st Place: Katherine Scott
2nd Place: PJ Reece
3rd Place: Greg Lewis

Morningstars has an excellent group of Toastmasters going on to the Area Contest which is being held at Harmony Hall on Saturday April 13th at 2 pm. Winners from both the Evaluation Contest and the Speech Contest will be participating.

Drop in and see some of the best speakers on the Sunshine Coast compete for the honour of representing our Area at the Division Contest on April 20 in Vancouver.

Bill Baker, President

Evaluation Contest ~ In Toastmasters Everything is Evaluated!

Contributors to this post were Erica Gatz and Sharon Borosevitch.

At Toastmasters Clubs everywhere, evaluation plays a huge role in the club meetings. Everyone is evaluated. Even people doing evaluations are evaluated. And since Toastmasters also loves competitions, every spring there is an evaluation contest.

Gibsons Morningstars hosted our speech evaluation contest this week and attendance was high.   The test speech was given by Ann Dickie, a member of The Sunshine Toastmasters group from Sechelt.   Ann presented her new book, The Magic Circle, a children’s book celebrating shamanism and ceremony.


Our contest Chair Sharon Borosevich did a great job of explaining how a speech evaluation contest is organized and Bill Baker, our chief judge, did a short presentation to the whole club about the role of the speech contest judges. The entire membership benefited from this workshop style learning.

There were five contestants and each contestant was given five minutes to prepare their evaluation of the test speech. They were sequestered in a distant room and all their notes were removed after five minutes, to be returned to them again for their presentation. Prior to the test speech, names were randomly drawn to decide the order of participants.


All contestants were given 2 to 3 minutes to do their evaluations. They were informed that they would be disqualified if they were under 1 minute and 45 seconds, or if they went over 3 minutes and 30 seconds. As the old saying goes, “timing is everything!”…..especially in a Toastmasters competition!

Participants in the evaluation contest were to be evaluated as follows:


Analytical quality       40%.
Recommendation       30%
Technique                   15%
Summation                 15%


Our winners are:


Both Erica and Ben are eligible to advance to the Area competition which will be held Saturday, April 13th from 2 – 4pm at Harmony Hall.

Congratulations again to all our contestants.

And a BIG thank you to Ann Dickie from the Sechelt club who gave our test speech!

Thanks to our chief judge, judges, timers, tally counters and contest sergeant at arms. Also, a special thanks to  John Gaudaur for the tasty matrimonial cake he baked. It was a delicious addition to our morning coffee!

Morningstars – what a team!

Stay tuned for next week and the International Speech Competition.