Morningstar’s Summer Series, August 19, 2020

Theme:  Dreams

Greg Lewis was our Toastmaster this morning and had good reason to be on fire – the Penticton area where he lives has a raging forest fire nearby.

He had primed us well for this session by sending out in advance Ray Orbison’s Dream video. Greg started off with a complex triptych of rich, recent dreams, related to resettling in Penticton, outlining how it both intersected and linked to reactions, events and people, while both baffling and influencing him. Michael, knowing he would be attending this meeting where dreams would be discussed, complied by discussing an unsettling dream.  Kay mentioned the expectations in a family when one member has strong, predictive dreams.  Frank shared how his Not The Book Club group, like our Toastmaster group resulted in sharing a wide range of topics which often resulted in opening up, if only at first a little to very diverse viewpoints. 

Robin’s poem demonstrated how insights from dreams can help sort out problems and find solutions.  Michael’s dream led to a discussion about how to tackle difficult discussions, divisive ideas and with William making a compelling argument for how Toastmaster skills assist us in both putting ideas forward in the best way so they can be considered.   Sandy told us about how her dream of making an impact in the world had come true with receiving a scholarship to work with a charismatic trainer who helps people get out of stuck-ness.  Neil told us about how he was living his dream, keeping close to home and harvesting his own tomatoes. 

In summary, the discussion was rich, touching and engaging, with diverse viewpoints raised, highlighting an important aspect of our group. 

Greg was avuncular as our chair, and with his great insights.  Greg’s closing words: 


Kate W.

Poetry Passion

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 – Our Passionate Poetry Zoom meeting was a big hit this morning. Sarah L, was our toastmaster/facilitator and led us through a session of poetry to spark our joy, stir our soul and make us laugh. There were reflective, poignant poems from Sandy and Sarah (who read 2 of her own poems), poetry and song poetry from our singer/songwriter Michael, and a hilarious poem by E.V. Riel “Sir Smasham Uppe, read by Greg which we had heard before, but was as funny ever. Interestingly Sarah had earlier read another poem by the same poet, “The Flattered Flying Fish”, which she had always presumed was by Edward Lear!!

The theme started to focus on the antics of cats, in particular a ginger tom, Charles, who lives with Sandy and whose furry body and tail entered our screens every so often, as well as William’s background screen displaying  a variety of cats, and Sarah read some lines of T.S. Eliot from his ” Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”.

William shared a funny limerick and read a delightful poem by his wife Elizabeth Evans, an artist entitled, The Mind Traveller.

To conclude this was a very entertaining and nourishing meeting of our Passionate Poetry group, and Sarah would like to start a regular poetry reading where we share our favourite poems/poets, including our own poems. Contact her if you’d like to join the Passionate Poets.

See you all next week…

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