Is Morningstars Really 20 Years Old?

celebration invitation

It’s a party!

It’s been an exciting, fun, and fruitful 20 years since Morningstars Toastmasters Club had its first ever official meeting in March of 1999. The club was officially chartered on Mar 22 of that year, and has been thriving ever since.

And on Mar 20, 2019, Morningstars Toastmasters is celebrating 20 years as a club with a special breakfast and reunion meeting of former members and new guests. The ‘party’ will be held from 7-8:30am at Harmony Hall, Gibsons.

“Star Quality” is the theme for our celebration and represents the Morningstars experience over the years.

It’s the time of a new moon and the spring equinox, and the perfect moment for launching into new beginnings. You could say the stars are lining up for Morningstars’ as we “support each other to shine” in communication and leadership development.

Please join us for this auspicious celebration.

For more information contact Johanna, VP of Membership at six o four, eight eight six, three one five seven.

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MorningSTARS Shine at Public Event

Morningstars Toastmasters SEWN Business Fair 2016Contributed by Neil B.

Fellow Toastmasters, I would like to share with you a experience I had this past Saturday (Oct. 1, 2016). I attended the SEWN (Self-Employed Women’s Network) Business Fair held at the Seaside Center in Sechelt to show support for my fellow Toastmasters.

The event itself was well attended and our booth looked very professional. The acoustics of the room were not ideal for public speaking but our coastal Toastmasters rose to the challenge.

Members from two clubs took center stage at the event, and I was impressed with all of them, but of course focused on the two MorningSTARS as they shined in their public speaking glory.

Sheila C. spoke first in a kind of testimonial/workshop format that blew me away with its interactive nature. Up next was Weegee S., who stayed with the testimonial format that almost had us in tears with her personal story highlighting the reasons why anyone can benefit from Toastmasters, not just business owners.

SEWN Fall Business Fair Toastmasters for Business and LifeI really wish we could all have been there to see this performance. The effect of these two presentations was exactly what we need to bring in new members — and remember why we are Toastmasters.

I left the event inspired by these two women and proud to be associated with them.

Perhaps we can ask for a repeat performance.

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Sheila C. for sharing her table at the event and organizing the presentation. Mad props to the Toastmasters who helped with brainstorming and solidifying our message. Thank you for our “test audience members” (Katherine S., Maureen M. and Michael S.). Special holler out to the presenters (Loreen D., Baile, Haida and Sheila C.) And much love to the Toastmasters who showed up to “support” or assist those of us at the SEWN Event, including: George, Johanna, Neil, Maureen, Paula. It takes a village.

Gold Star Moment: Center Stage with 'Higher Ground'

Michael Worsfold Sings Higher GroundOur very own Michael Worsfold took center stage at his nieces wedding earlier this month to perform his song “Higher Ground” for over 100 people. In the bride’s words, he “nailed it.”

Michael said he received lots of good feedback from wedding guests, young and old. He also was able to surprise a few of his friends and family with his musical talent.

He credits his songwritng coach Lowry Olafson and his Morningstar friends for helping him to prepare to take his passion center stage.

Congratulations, Michael!