District 96? Division H? What Does That Mean?

Agenda_May3_MyKindOfTown_Elections“Welcome to MorningSTARS Toastmasters Club 1248 of Area 73, Division H, District 96, Region 1 of Toastmasters International.”

The above is the welcome and intro for many meeting chairs and it appears across the top of our agendas. But what does it mean?

Here is the breakdown:

Club 1248
1248 is the number assigned to our club when the organization was chartered through Toastmasters International. Club 1248 is located in . . .

Club 1248 is located in . . .

Area 73
Toastmasters clubs are grouped into AREAS consisting of 4 to 6 clubs max. Area 73 encompasses the three (soon to be 4) clubs on the lower Sunshine Coast: Morningstars, Sunshine, Beachcombers and Coastmasters (soon!).

Area 73 is part of

Division H
AREAS are organized into DIVISIONS. There are four areas in Division H (69, 72, 72 & 76). Division H includes the Sunshine Coast, Squamish, Whistler and North Vancouver.

Division H is grouped into . . .

District 96
DIVISIONS are grouped together to form DISTRICTS.  There are 9 Divisions (B, D, H, J, L, M, N, S & T) in District 96, and there are two Districts in BC (96 & 21).

District 96 is in . . .

Region 1
DISTRICTS are organized into groups called REGIONS, the largest administrative grouping. There are seven districts in Region 1 (2, 9, 15, 21, 26, & 96) which stretches from “Nebraska to Alaska.”


Region 1 of District 96 of Toastmasters International

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