Sweet Beginnings: The Wow Factor

kəˈmensmənt/      noun
noun: commencement; plural noun: commencements
1.     a beginning or start.
“at the commencement of training”
2.   a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred on graduating students.
“a commencement address”

Every story has an ending and a beginningI have always been fascinated with the word “commencement” and was thrilled when the Grammarian, Ben R., choose it as the word of the day for Wednesday’s Morningstars Toastmasters meeting. It is one of the few words that means both the beginning . . . and the end, and that is why it was the perfect word for the theme, A Sweet Beginning.

The meeting, presided over by the lovely Ria Q., contained two strong milestone speeches: one that marked the end of a journey and the other the beginning.

Our VP of Education, Katherine S., took center stage to deliver her final speech towards her DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster). The humourous speech took us through the twist and turns of becoming a Toastmaster. She touched upon the highlights and the nerves. Yet, we all go the feeling it was a worthwhile journey for her.  It was an ending of one chapter . . . and we can’t help but feel there is a beginning of another.

One of our newest members, Neil B., took the lectern to deliver his first speech. Neil took us through his life, the ups and downs told through historic milestones. He laid the foundation for the “commencement” of his Toastmasters journey. New and experienced Toastmasters who were privileged to listen to his speech could see the strong start and the great things to come from Neil.

And that’s what makes Toastmasters so great. As the General Evaluator of the meeting, Frank C., stated: We are a group who likes to support one another. We like to lift each other up. We like to see each of us succeed, graduate to the next level. It’s a system of congratulations and sound advice to propel us forward.

“Win as a team. Lose as individuals.” It’s one of my favourite sports quotes. When we work together to lift each other up and further our self development goals, we win as a team. When our successes are based upon our individual successes, progress is slow.

Morning . . . stars. Morning . . . stars. One of the most powerful teams I have ever seen.

Congratulations to both Katherine and Neil on the Sweet Beginnings.

Don’t forget to sign up for next week’s meeting. The Toastmaster is Weegee Sachtjen and the theme is Bucket Lists!

In other news:

Sunshine Coast Bootcamp is SATURDAY, MARCH 5 (tomorrow) starting at 9am. The morning session will focus on the fine art of evaluations and the afternoon course is on crafting your speech. There is a break in the middle for a pot luck lunch. If you have questions, contact Katherine or Weegee. For more detailed information, CLICK HERE.

  • WOW! Xinyu and her husband’s new venture will be holding a soft opening on March 8. They have recently acquired and renovated the space formerly known as Windows on the Water at Sunnycrest Mall.

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