Start Your New Year on a Positive Note: Win Jars

Happy New Year's 2016The year is winding to an end and many of us have started planning for 2016. We are evaluating our lives, dreams and agendas. We  are writing down goals, making resolutions and researching ways to take our dreams to the next level.

Goals are necessary. They help us to make decisions that enable our forward progress. Goals give us the finish line on a marathon to work towards.

While we are looking forward, focused on the big goal, it’s easy to overlook  the progress we have made when we have so far to go. It’s easy to look at the roadmap and only see the distance left and not the milestones we have passed.

Think about it. It’s easy to focus on the next speech we need to do to finish our CC manuals that we often overlook the achievements we have made speech to speech.

The same goes for our progression through the CL. Many of us get focused on what role we need to fulfill our Critical Thinking skills that we overlook how our evaluation skills are getting fine tuned.

Win JarOur daily “wins” are the tiny steps we have taken to filling in the bigger picture of a personal project. Think of it as completing the frame of a puzzle. They help to add structure, reveal forward progression and offer a sense of accomplishment.

Here’s my challenge to you, fellow Morningstars. This year, I want you to designate a jar, bowl, small box or even a sock as your “win” container. Every time you have a win, write it down on a small slip of paper and put it in that container starting Jan. 1, 2016.  EVERY TIME.

Once you start looking for your wins, the easier they are to accomplish. They help you get to you goal. I know. Crazy how that works.

What do I mean by win? These are the moments where you shined. Where you felt good. Where you kicked butt. Big or small.

“I had small talk with the IGA cashier.”
“I gave my first suggestion in a evaluation.”
“I wrote a letter to a distant friend.”
“I didn’t eat the whole tray of brownies. Wanted to. Could have. Didn’t. Yet.”

EVERY WIN! Write it down. 

Positive New Years Resolutions
My Win Jar with my first win: Created my win jar!

At the last meeting of next year, I want to hear your WINS. I want to hear your favourite win. Your best win. The win you are most proud of.  I want to hear what made your year awesome.

Mostly, I want you to open that jar at the end of 2016 and give yourself the best gift of all: a look back at all you have accomplished. The milestones that have made you the awesome person you are . . . how far you have traveled.

Start your win jar. Start winning. Do it now. 


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