Get Social This Summer: Blogs, Facebook & Beyond

Get Social with Morningstars Toastmasters BCWritten by Weegee S.

“Keys? Check. Wallet? Accounted for. Sunglasses? On my face.” Well, something is missing this fine Wednesday morning . . . .

Is any one else out there going through Morningstar Toastmaster withdrawals? I know. I’ve only been a Morningstar for a few months, but the first skipped Wednesday threw mid-week a bit off balance. Where’s my TableTopics? What about the word of the day? Am I over my time limit?

While it may not be the same as listening to speeches while sipping coffee, I do have something to help bridge the connection gap between meetings: Toastmasters is getting social!

For those of you with Facebook and Twitter accounts, feel free to post, share or tweet to your hearts content. If you don’t have an account, you can still reap the benefits by visiting the pages, clicking on the links of shared content.



Want to help admin one of the social pages? Let me know! The more the merrier!

Get Your Morningstars Toastmasters FixPICTURES
Pictures are worth a thousand and three words. As we launch our new social media campaign and continue our blogging efforts, we are going to try and convey how much fun Toastmasters really is via images. If you are a bit camera shy or don’t want your mug posted on the blog or one of the social media channels, shoot me an email (

But that doesn’t mean I will just post your likeness willy nilly. If I use a photo of you, not in a crowd, I will specifically email/call/connect/ with you prior to hitting “post.”

Thank you! Have a great week . . . . and see you next week at 7am for the Wildrose Poetry Society , graciously hosted by Patricia.

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