Fear – the Real Monster

Written by Weegee S.

Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learn here.
Marianne Williamson

Hollywood movies play with our emotions, making us laugh, cry and shudder. They make us jump by dressing up an actor with fangs, applying scary makeup and adding a dash of ghoulish noises at just the right moment. In the end, the people and heroes rise up and take back the world from the monsters.

For many of us, fear is the real monster and this week’s toast from Xinyu, our Inspirator, set the tone for the day as she raised her glass to “a world without monsters.”

I’m a new member to the Morningstars Toastmasters Club but already I have had my battles with the Fear Monster. This invisible beast sinks its claws into me each week moments before I stand up from my chair to participate in the meeting. My stomach knots, my hands shake and I sweat uncontrollably.

While there was once a time when I would view such experiences with trepidation (word of the day thanks to Katherine, our Grammarian,) and raise the white flag to surrender to the monster — that is no longer the case. Each Wednesday, I rise early and get dressed with the mental image that I’m suiting up for battle. I tell myself, fear is not going to win this one.

I have a feeling I am not alone.

Our own Larry answered the call to take the helm as Chair of our band of warriors this morning. Thank you!

Sarah took center stage with her Icebreaker, breaking down the walls that surround her and opening herself to the group.

As a special treat, Johanna tapped into her love of Broadway to encourage SIX of us to stand up and confront our fear of Table Topics.

I think Frank, today’s General Evaluator, explained it best when he said the fear doesn’t ever really go away. It’s a matter of using that nervous energy to fuel our speeches. It’s like starting in a scary place and tapping into the excitement that propels us through the speech, table topic or position as chair.

Who’s with me for next week?

2 thoughts on “Fear – the Real Monster

  1. Well said Weejee. A powerful underlining of the powerful message of this meeting. All those with sweaty palms rise. And we do it!

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