I Should Have Said That!

Written by Shannon W.

This week our theme I Should Have Said That left us a wondering what or how we should – or could – have “discerned”, as our toastmaster Sheila re-framed and our first time Grammarian, Sarah L. offered. A worthy shift from judgment to compassion and accountability.

And who hasn’t had one of those moments we’d like to do over?

Judy took us even further along this line of thought. Her Inspiration was the story of Julia Ward Howe, who began the Mother’s Day celebration as a “peace day” which pointed to our right and responsibility to shape society with charity, mercy and patience.

I have to say this club doesn’t miss a chance to find the meaning. And as pointed out today, with 14 new members already this year, our messages and discernment will be percolating in every corner of our community!

That said, Katherine’s choice of story to read us this morning was exceptional. Beautifully rendered, I truly melted into the telling. William explained that the purpose of this speech from the Specialty Speeches manual was oral interpretation and connection with the audience, using both voice and body.

Well, Katherine, the visuals of this selection were a whole body and mind experience for the listeners too. I am still caught in the words “I am a child of the moon and silver”. You can come read to me any time!

More firsts….As Table Topics Master, Xinyu continued to show this club her very creative spirit as she shared her uncomfortable personal story about what she wished she had said in a certain situation, but didn’t. She then led into table topics that invited our own vulnerability: how would we have dealt to deal with the should’a/could’a of her story.

Old pro’s, PJ and Sandy nailed it. As Cathie pointed out as Table Topics Evaluator, PJ built the tension well in his own what-he-should-have-said story; and Sandy’s natural use of body language gave itself to the reflective advice she is so good at finding.

Cathie also gave us a useful “should’a. When arriving at the lectern to speak, each person“takes control” from whoever is already standing there, and then addresses the audience to keep the flow for the group. As a new speaker, I can see how this advice is an important piece for grounding myself in the startup and delivery. Done well, it is one of those invisible elements that keeps the meeting tight and focused.

To wrap up our morning, Sarah sent us out with new linguistic discernment for our ears. Her grammarian review counted 8 uses of the word of the day, and held “contentious moments” up for us to reflect on when we think “I should have said that”.

Next week’s theme is Scared Stiff.

2 thoughts on “I Should Have Said That!

  1. Thank you for the overview of the last meeting, Shannon! With my great, but short, memory I like to be reminded of the little but significant things that are said and done that make Morningstars a dynamic club to be a part of!

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