Spare Bits and Parts


“What do you mean spare bits and parts?” you ask.

Is it a car repair seminar? Is it a game show? Is it the use of those spare ‘killer filler’ words um and uh and so?

No. Believe it or not, it’s the Toastmasters meeting theme for Wed April 8th.

Here are some highlights:

  • Judy looked like a pro for her second time in the role of chair.
  • Sharon said YAY! when called upon for table topics. What??!! Not kidding.
  • Everyone groaned at the punchline of Larry’s joke. However, we never take Larry’s abilities as a joke teller for granite. Nope, not a spelling error. You had to be there.
  • Loretta did her Icebreaker speech and capped it off with a song she wrote. It was not rock and roll but it was about a different kind of rock. She’s made it her mission to preserve Gospel Rock. Always a pleasure to hear someone’s first speech and get to know something new about them.
  • Did Sandy’s feet leave the ground for a second or two during her speech Your Body Speaks? She looked like she was flying, the way she embodied what she was talking about.
  • We might want to keep our eyes on Sheila. She organized the Chamber workshop a couple of weeks ago. She organized and chaired the Area Speech Contest last Saturday. She did a superb job of General Evaluator today. Is there anything to the rumour floating around that she may be planning a coup?
  • Finally, is Morningstars soon to be SRO? With two more people joining, maybe we’ll need a mosh pit!

We’re back again next week for Rough Around the Edges. Can’t wait.

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