Full House, No Fooling

Written by Johanna, VP of PR

Full house today, no fooling!

Two guests as well, through word of mouth. Morningstars are so enthused about our club that we can’t help but talk about our experience to friends, colleagues, and family. Opportunities to promote our club can be spontaneous in addition to our well planned, advertised efforts. They all require a willingness to speak­ up and take the time to “walk the talk”.

A New Perspective

Our meeting on April Fool’s Day emphasized “evaluation skills”, with ideas naturally evolving from unique individual perspectives. For example, Grammarian Jolanda, shared how well she was able to understand each speaker’s message that morning from her “English as a second language” point of view. It was a great reminder for us to reduce our use of jargon and run on sentences.

Presentation and Leadership

What a difference learning presentation and leadership skills can make to all aspects of our lives. Encouraging others’ self­-expression, role-­modelling the confidence to take a clear stand on an issue, or over­coming our own fears of rejection when giving and receiving constructive feedback are natural outcomes of being a Toastmasters Club member.

Morningstars in the Community

image of castLast month Sandy and I participated as “fashion announcers” in a local event, the Driftwood Players Downton Abbey production.  What fun it was, with a number of Morningstars coming to add to the audience.

On Mar 18th, our club was also been invited by the Chamber of Commerce to present three workshops in an evening session.

In an event at the end of May, Katherine will encourage community members to develop their voices and their stories at the Gibsons Library, a workshop sponsored by a local women’s health network.

Accepting invitations to speak outside of the clubs meetings is a good challenge for us, and a way we can contribute to our community.

Whenever we have the opportunity to share the Toastmaster’s journey with others, realize that our learning from being part of the program will be apparent to the listeners. It may engage their interest to join our club. As VP of Public Relations this past year, I believe Toastmasters International contributes to enhancing communication, sharing leadership knowledge, and making the world a better place for all.

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