Lessons from Nature

Written by Johanna, VP of PR

Today is the morning after the most recent Morningstars Toastmaster’s meeting.

Many thanks to Judy Lynne for chairing the meeting so early in her Toastmaster’s journey. She received her Icebreaker pin today, and is well on her way for her next speeches.

Her Icebreaker speech a few weeks ago continues to resonate for many of us in the club. Her message about encouraging local youth to participate in Outward Bound opportunities is a result of her sharing her life’s work with others after the death of her son. Judy Lynne personifies authenticity as she crafts her speeches for clarity and purpose.

PJ’s evaluation of my fourth project in the Advanced Storytelling manual was encouraging, especially because I experienced difficulty staying in the emotions of empathy and concern which I had planned and prepared to deliver as a key part of the project.

Reflecting on how this unfolded at the meeting, I learned that telling the story in the third person rather than first has the potential effect of losing touch with my own inner direction or grounding (as Katherine referred to in her speech that followed mine).

Katherine shared the highlights of the workshop that she will be c0-presenting at the Chamber of Commerce event next week. Using a visual display and body gestures effectively, she captured our interest in signing up for the workshop. Katherine’s Toastmaster’s knowledge and voice coaching background shone through her presentation to us, and was a model of  “practice what you teach”.

Both speeches from Advanced Manuals prove that as we follow the guidance from the speech manuals and apply it to real life situations, much personal development is achieved over time.

As I look forward to the rest of the week, and our International Speech Contest at our next meeting, I once again recognize how supportive our club is and how, with each project or role we take on at each meeting, we grow in our speaking confidence and our ability to understand each others’ progress.

As Loretta declared in her toast to nature (our theme for the day was “Lessons from Nature”), we are all connected and we each have unique messages to contribute to a thriving Coastal Morningstars Club.


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