Piercing the Darkness

Written by Johanna R, VP of PR

beam of lightMorningstars Toastmaster’s Club ”elucidates” (word of the day) two ideals of Toastmasters – mentorship and learning together.

This week we heard speeches from our youngest member, and our oldest member, an illustration that learning never ends.

Liam, a recent new member, gave his Icebreaker speech with eloquence and engaged with his audience…us. He reminded us that activities are aplenty on the Coast, and that people’s participation gives us our sense of community.

Larry gave his advanced promotional speech to us informing us about the Gibson’s Legion and its outreach into the community. Larry’s speech called us to action so we’re going to meet up at the Gibsons Legion Friday Mar. 6th for a Club dinner. An evening meeting of minds for food and fun.

Well…hmmmm….so..uh..and so forth! We all still need to work on removing these filler words that we all use to fill the silence while we’re thinking. According to Frank, our Grammarian, it’s apparently better if all your sentences start with one of them rather than having them sneak up mid thought. Many thanks to Frank for pointing this out today. However, we all strive to remove them completely.

Evaluation is a form of mentorship, and is one of the backbones of Toastmasters. You will never find people who are kinder in their evaluations of each other; kind and constructive. What do we look for?

  • We look for speeches to have a point.
  • We look for supportive, descriptive, colourful language to make our point clear.
  • We look for a clear beginning and an effective ending.
  • We look for something memorable.

A tall order? Yes! Preparation becomes imperative as we craft and practise our ideas. We “pierce the darkness” and bring the light of insight, as our theme and Toastmaster Chair, Sandy, reinforced.

Even when telling a joke or responding to a table topic subject, the structure and word choices used are important to us. Greg delivered a fabulous joke playing with the word, “commontater” It was about a conversation among potatoes.

In Table Topics, Kay told a story about getting lost in Hawaii. Alicia about relating her experience to a historical event. Jolanda shed light (elucidated) on how what we focus on becomes what we perceive as important in the moment.


Morningstars Toastmasters has been asked to do a presentation skills workshop for the Gibsons Chamber of Commerce. Find out more here.

In addition, several members of Morningstars will be taking turns writing a monthly column on Communication for The Local Weekly. The first article appeared in the Feb 26th, 2015 issue. Watch for more articles in future issues.

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