Out of Time

“Out of Time” was the theme for this morning and contributed to several insights about how adding exceptional touches to our roles can potentially extend the meeting time (a Toastmaster no-no!). But they didn’t this time! Our Chair, Katherine, found a good balance between structure (Chronos time) and natural flow (Kairos time).

Xinyu, as Inspirator, seized the theme with the idea of second chances, as the Chinese New Year was the next day. She handed us all red envelopes with traditional money gifting after the ending, realizing later that she could have delegated this wonderful gesture to someone to keep on time.

Jolanda delivered her second speech and applied the theme in her personal story of an out of body experience. So often when we create change it’s temporary and we fall back to our former way. In Jolanda’s case she encountered a severe accident that led her to new insights. Her speech went over time, perhaps due to the heartfelt lead up events before the accident.

Our Table Topics Master, John, introduced us to two people related to running out of time: Mr Procrastination, and Mr Round Tuit.

Flexibility in the number of Table Topic speakers is a good buffer for making sure the meeting moves forward and ends on time, so our Table Topics were restricted to Ben and Sheila.

We concluded with our General Evaluator William, and left the meeting saying, “Until next time!

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