The Love of My Life


Written by Johanna, VP of PR

A wonderful toast to the Love Of Life! 

What a great way to lead off our breakfast open house event. The meeting was graced with 5 guests, all of whom experienced the well prepared agenda created by our meeting chair, Sharon.

Xinyu delivered her Icebreaker speech and we better understood her engaging speech title: “The Banana Chronicles”.

Frank told us about  his 48 years experience of being a Toastmaster, asking the questions, “Why do I still come?, and “What do I see in myself and others?.

There were many similar questions throughout the meeting; perhaps questioning the theme of the day provoked the inquiries.

I believe “getting to the heart of the questions” reflected well the reason many of us enjoy being a member of the Morningstars Toastmaster’s Club. Preparing an Icebreaker speech focuses our attention on what we wish to share about our lives that truly expresses our desires, and what has fulfilled us over the years.

Listening to how others choose these elements and the structure a personal delivery is touching and engaging at the same time. It is a heartfelt gift to ourselves and others. We leave the meeting inspired and feeling supported in a mutual learning environment.

Guests, family members and friends, were eloquent in their understanding of our club culture this morning. It was an especially good theme for a guest event, along with the food and good cheer.

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