Appeasing the Technology Gods

It can be our best friend. Or it can be our worst enemy. It’s one of those love/hate relationships.

I’m talking about technology. In this case, not even very advanced technology but a simple set up of laptop and projector and powerpoint.

One of the things that Toastmasters have to take in stride happened at last week’s meeting, and I was not able to do my speech. The projector was working, the laptop was working, but the cable that made it possible for them to talk to each other was not. One tiny little pin in the cable was bent and the attempted repair with a paring knife was not quite the success I wanted it to be! The technology gods were not lined up with my wishes.

So what to do?

One possibility was to do the speech without the powerpoint. Not possible in this case, the images were so integral to the story it would have made no sense without them.

Another would have been to have a whole other speech prepared for the breach. Oops!

But alas, last week it was not to be.

Today, new cable in hand, I did my speech, visuals working without a hitch.

Last week it was not a professional speaking engagement. Phew! There was an upside.

Though – true confession –  it made me think more about what alternative options I would have needed in place if it were a professional gig.

I guess the boy scouts have already taken the Be Prepared motto, but maybe we could adopt it.


Highlights of this week’s meeting:

A spectacular Icebreaker by Judy

Well run meeting by Ben our chair for today

Three very welcome guests

A return of our Past Pres from Mexico

And a toast to the old oak tree!


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