New Beginnings

Our first meeting for the New Year was chaired by Sheila  and the word of the day given by Grammarian, William, was “commence”. For a few of us, holiday disorientation and/or fatigue were a reality, but for others there were jump start moments.

For example, our two speakers were in terrific form after obvious energetic and enthusiastic preparation. Sheila also made gracious transition statements throughout the meeting.

Speaker #1, Ann, was our guest from the local Sunshine Toastmasters Club. She presented her High Performance Leadership project with clarity and ease, focusing on its vision and current outcomes. There now exists a weekly Story-telling Circle at the Shorncliffe residential facility in Sechelt that has over a dozen volunteers. More volunteers are welcome, and the experience is satisfying for all involved.

Speaker #2, Evi, gave her Icebreaker speech with a passionate focus on her travel insights over the years. Beginning with a reflective question about why she would she be so drawn to foreign lands and people, she concluded that traveling brings her a sense of harmony, equilibrium, and peace. Her descriptive language had us all engaged such that not only did we learn about Evi, we also learned about other parts of the world.

We had good Table Topic speeches from: John, “New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken…”, Greg, “A car door opened and let me out on a Montana Road…, and Ben, “Yes, perception can change outcomes”.

Cathie, General Evaluator, acknowledged Speech Evaluators Frank and Kay for their splendid feedback which we all agreed were star standard.

The meeting ended right on time, and Judy, our Timer, Sandy, our Quizmaster, and Larry, our Jokemaster, had an especially good commencing time.

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