Firsts and Lasts

Written by Kay, Morningstars Secretary

With Alicia cool and competent, taking on her first stint as Toastmaster, the meeting entitled “Making Love Last flowed smoothly and on time.

David used the example of Table Topics to develop his Inspirational Toast. He credited his ability to think on his feet to skills he has learned in Toast Masters.  During a recent job interview he knew just how to handle the panel’s questions and was successful in landing the position.  I didn’t get a chance to personally congratulate him, so from all of us a HIGH FIVE. Well done, David, you are an example to be followed!

Our Grammarian, Sheila, chose the word “treasure” as word of the day, which generated many words and pictures. As a result, Johanna improvised with a Treasure Box which she challenged the participants to fill with their stories about making love last (or first!) during Table Topics.  All three participants handled the subject in heartwarming ways, disclosing their care and humanity, as well as the humor and reality of life.

This was repeated in Larry’s humorous homilies which anyone over 50 would be aware of. They brought back my era for sure and I loved hearing them.

The speeches today were both interesting and informative.  Kate told us more about her work in Uganda, and how cooperation between groups of health workers, radio stations and Harvest Plus farmers have educated people in the different parishes to become informed on more healthy eating practices. Teaching farmers to plant altered seed crops of corn, maize, bananas and orange sweet potato can provide necessary vitamins to prevent wasting diarrhea as well as blindness, scurvy etc. especially in children.  I found it very hopeful to hear of these efforts rather than the unsuccessful food drops – usually too little too late.

Sandy spoke on a topic that she has researched thoroughly,  “We are our Thoughts”.  Today she used the emotion Anger, showing with excellent visuals just what soul destroying forms this emotion can take and how necessary it is to deal with the root cause before it deals with us.

She summed up her talk with an infomercial for a workshop that will be happening in Vancouver tomorrow.  Very clever move, Sandy.

Judy as Quizmaster tested us well on today’s topics but I think we were on our toes and passed most of them.

Brave Jolanda took on the Timer’s job and was very successful with her flashing lights.  It is recognized as a difficult position and one that needs repeat practice.

Katherine as General Evaluator had learning comments for participants to mull, and picked up on points that could make the meetings move more smoothly.

The highlight of the meeting was the induction of Judy and Loretta as new members.  Welcome aboard gals.

Of course our ever-patient and loyal Sergeant-at-Arms did his magic to make the room welcoming with setup and coffee.

All in all it was an excellent meeting – stimulating and satisfying.

2 thoughts on “Firsts and Lasts

  1. Thanks, Kay, for the play-by-play of the meeting, which I missed due to being in Mazatlan, where I’m working hard between swims and meals and walking around in the plaza listening to jazz and attending concerts at the teatro. Congrats to Alicia for stepping up and running a tight ship. I miss you all!

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