We Remember

Written by Katherine, President of Morningstars

The theme, tone and feeling of the day was We Remember.

Larry, our Chair for the day, managed the meeting with grace and humour.

Pj is off for two months to Mexico, so lest he forget, we presented him with his pins for his Competent Leadership and Competent Communicator awards.

Frank as Inspirator gave a moving toast on gratitude to our veterans, and the remembrances celebrated all across the country yesterday for Nov 11.

Patricia, our Grammarian, to fit with our theme, chose reverence as the word of the day.

It was also a day for testing our abilities for impromptu speaking. Not knowing until the last minute which one of five different topics she would be speaking on was the challenge for Katherine. To speak off the cuff is an exercise in trust and staying present. And Jolanda, who is one of our newest members, in the spirit of jumping in gave her Icebreaker speech in place of a cancellation. Well done, Jolanda!

Cathie, our Timer, took some liberties with John McCrae’s poem, In Flanders Fields, to remind us that as Toastmasters we have to keep to the time allotted to us for each role or  speech. She does not hesitate to ring the bell, our signal to stop talking now!

Table Topics was ably done by David, although he didn’t fare quite so well with the Jokemaster role. He was assisted in delivering the punchline by Sharon, and received a huge round of applause and much laughter. Sometimes the unexpected is much funnier than what was intended.

Johanna, Kate, Greg,  PJ, and Ben assisted with the other roles to round out the meeting.

The theme for the next meeting is WHAT I CAN’T BELIEVE.

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