Dogs With Jobs — Whatever Next?

Today’s post written by PJ Reece

Congratulations to Sheila Cameron and Sandy Wrightman for winning this morning’s contests—Tall Tales and Table Topics respectively.

Here are two Morningstars members at vastly different stages in their development as speakers — Sandy an accomplished DTM and Sheila with just three CC speeches to her credit. From where I sat—first row—both of them took giant steps forward this morning.

Sandy Wrightman owned the stage with her response to the Table Topic question: “How has living on the Sunshine Coast influenced your sense of identity?” Sandy proved just how important a role is played by enthusiasm, presence, and crisp declarative sentences.

dogSheila crafted (for my money) the perfect Tall Tale about her husband’s dog. It started off mundane (what’s more mundane than a dog?), then established that the dog was bright, and before we knew it the dog was earning a living behind the wheel to pay off its debts.

I’m proud of Sheila! Not least because I’m her mentor. Unfortunately I couldn’t assist her with this competition because I, too, competed. Next time, I’m seeking her help. Seriously, her Tall Tale was a model performance. (We would be wise to film it for future reference…Club Secretary, please make note of that.)

Thanks to everyone who showed up. And thanks to those who got involved as judges, timers, and counters, and especially our Contest Chair, Johanna Rzepa.

Sometimes, at the club level, all the contest paperwork and process seems like overkill. But I keep reminding myself that at Toastmasters we’re always training for leadership roles in the wider community. And what a great environment is Morningstars in which to practice, practice, practice.

Speaking of which, next week it’s back to our regular meeting. The theme is “The Root of the Problem.”

Hmm… seems no one has yet signed on as Toastmaster. Trust me, chairing a meeting is easier than coming up with a winning Tall Tale!

Maybe Sheila’s dog would like to step up and give it a try.



The Area Contest on the 4th has been cancelled.

Open House Breakfast Meeting Oct 8, 7 am.
Guests are most welcome and bring a friend.
The Table Topics Contest will also be held at this meeting.

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