In Fantasy Land With Morningstars

Today’s post written by Johanna R, VP of PR

This morning’s meeting’s theme was “In Fantasy Land”, and our Chair, William, epitomized the occasion by wearing a pirate’s attire. “Arrrrrrrrgh”. (Why are pirates so handsome? They just Arrrrrrrrrrgh”)

In his introduction, William made us all think about the idea that fantasies are great because they help us focus on our dreams.

Table Topics kept the fantasy theme alive, beginning with Greg’s, who took us on a creative adventure to areas unknown but vividly expressed.

Elvis then took his elderly aunt to the same place and Alicia shared how fantasy was more her husband’s family tradition whereas hers was more one of history reality.

Kate facilitated the Table Topic presentations with the rolling of three dice, all speakers having different symbols to draw their stories from.

There were two excellent speeches. The first from Katherine, who was interviewed by Sandy around the idea of encouraging/challenging the young audience to put away their cell phones for awhile to see how IT devices impact our face-to-face communication with others. Free Your PHone!

The second speech was delivered by Cathie. It was an impassioned appeal to us all to be aware that the country’s newest home census questions do not necessary reflect all Canadians’ input. We need to maintain our globally respected census standards.

At the end of our meeting, we announced the Breakfast Open House plans for Oct. 8th well as our Table Topics and Tall Tale Contest next week. Three members signed up right away as contestants.

Johanna will be chairing the next meeting and will follow-up this week with recruiting 2 more judges, and 3 counters for the event.

It will be fun. Come join us at Harmony Hall next Wed at 7 am.

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