The Power of Letting Go

Darren LaCroix is a World Champion Toastmaster. In a recently article he describes what it takes to be a champ, and it might not be what you think. (Watch a clip from this years winner, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi)

Wisdom from the New Champ
By Darren LaCroix

This weekend, while playing disc golf with Steve Pavlina, author of Self Development for Smart People, we started talking about the longevity of our speaking careers. He said that when he started, he treated speaking as a presentation or a performance, which put up a wall between himself and the audience. He often felt that he had to impress them, to build rapport, and to win them over. At that time, Steve said, he focused on content and delivery, his primary tools for engaging with a room full of strangers. Great insight.

In contrast, Steve noted, “These days, I regard speaking as a conversation. Now my focus is on the audience. I treat them as my best friends, so there’s never any ice to break.”

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