Welcome Back ~ New Beginnings

Welcome Back Kotter reminiscences. Amping up the energy by way of the can-can. Four very welcome guests. Two speeches and  a tall tales mini workshop. Name changes. References to the International Speech Competition.  Announcements about upcoming contests and our open house breakfast. Every chair filled.

Those are just some of the things that were part of our first meeting of the regular fall schedule. The theme was New Beginnings and there were lots of those.

Patricia inspired us with her invitation to real reality, not virtual reality, as she told us the story of one competitor in the finals of the International Speech Competition. His first lines were I don’t have a speech. What courage and heart he demonstrated as he talked about competition and perfection. He didn’t win, but no one will forget Chris Woo.

Johanna and PJ entertained with two speeches from the Entertaining Speaker Manual. PJ took us to the movies with Movies and the Meaning of Life. Johanna hooked us all with her tall tale, Keeping Gibsons Great. We suspected, but didn’t know for sure, that the four women in her story were not really in jail. She then followed up with a tall tales mini workshop in preparation for the contest on Sept 24.

Frank and William (who announced that he is now William instead of Bill) were excellent evaluators for the two speeches.

We all got an A for listening this morning as Greg, our Quizmaster, couldn’t stump us with his questions.

Sharon as Grammarian, Larry as Timer, John as Jokemaster, Kay as Table Topics Master and PJ and David as Table Topics Evaluators fulfilled their roles with aplomb.

The meeting was rounded out with Cathie presenting her comments and suggestions as General Evaluator.

Thank you to our guests Frank, Heather, Joanne and Kate. It was great to meet you.

Upcoming dates:

Sept 24 Tall Tales and Table Topics Contest
Oct 4 Area Contest for Tall Tales and Table Topics
Oct 8 Open House Breakfast ~ All Welcome


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