My Big WHY

question markFor our final meeting of the regular Toastmaster schedule, the theme was My Big WHY.

Ably chaired by Frank, our newest DTM, the meeting was both thoughtful and diverse. In fact it was quite amazing to hear all the different interpretations of the theme.

Here is just one example from Sheila:

Why ask why? Because it helps us understand the world around us and guides us toward positive action and growth. Children inherently know this. If we don’t explore why, our movement remains lateral, and our growth stagnant. My BIG WHY is…Why is it that in all of history there has never been a time of true peace? Even when we are supposedly “at peace,” there are still atrocities being committed by humans all over the world. Why?

Another interpretation was that asking why is a frustrating and pointless exercise. Instead we were encouraged to live in the moment.

Yet another perspective was that it’s the question we all ask ourselves about why we’re here, and what our purpose is for our lifetime.

And for those who like simplicity, the response to ‘why’ is ‘because’!

If Toastmasters is a place where we learn to listen, communicate and develop leadership skills (and it is), it’s also a place where we get to know ourselves and each other at a deeper level.

It was definitely a good note to end our regular season on.

Our summer schedule is lighter and less formal, with various members hosting the meetings and choosing their own themes. Please contact us for more details. We will return to our regular schedule the Wed after Labour Day at 7 am at Harmony Hall.


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