Area 73 Contest Review

Written by Ben R.

Last Saturday I was at the Area 73 Speech Contest.

This was the first contest where I stayed from the beginning to the end.  I stayed extra long after the meeting to eat a delicious Nanaimo bar and some other things.

It was good to see Judyth running the meeting. It was first time for me to see her interviewing people in a official capacity and I enjoyed seeing her in a new role.   Two of the four speeches were unfamiliar to me so I was particularly interested.   Bill added some new inspiration element in his speech and I liked it.  Bubbly Sharon talked about saving energy.  Two other speakers, Kate and Paula, came from other clubs on the coast.

Personally I wanted to hear some other great speakers that I recall from the past contests but I guess they played judge roles and I highly appreciate them for doing that.

Of course the main thing for me was doing the test speech. Four speakers spent 2-3 mins each giving me very valuable feedback.   This was helpful to understand what each evaluator was telling me.   One thing I remember well is what the Evaluation Contest winner Sandy said about “telling the listener what’s in it for them”. Other reviewers generally told me that my speech content is not easy to follow. They all gave me some practical suggestion to try to improve the clarity of my ideas. Thanks to this great feedback system I am extra excited to deliver new speeches!

It was exciting to deliver speeches to a new audience. With more practice, we might start feeling like speaking to a family member over a ho-hum dinner!

Overall it was great to have almost two meetings in a week to get twice as much out of the week in terms of public speaking.

Area 73 Contest Winners
strong>International Speech Competition
First Place Paula H
Second Place Sharon B

Evaluation Contest
First Place Sandy W
Second Place Cathie R

Congratulations to the winners who now move on to the Division Contest in Vancouver on Apr 19.

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