Happy Birthday Morningstars

Written by Katherine Scott

birthday balloonsToday as we celebrated Morningstars fifteenth birthday our theme was Shake It Up and we certainly did.  We had an open house. And breakfast. And five guests, three of who are joining our club. And fun.

Even if there wasn’t anything more to say about today’s meeting, that’s a lot. And of course there is more.

Our Chair today was PJ and he set the energy and tone right from the beginning. He successfully dodged the helium balloons that Sharon had attached to the lectern as he opened the meeting and welcomed all our honoured guests. And he had some fun and interesting ways to make the transitions between roles and keep the flow going.

Sharon as Inspirator reminded us what Toastmasters is all about… it’s so much more than speaking. It’s about leadership, communication, listening, learning and growing as a person within a welcoming and positive community. And Patricia reminded us that we may not set out to become leaders, but that’s exactly what happens.

Our two speakers today, Ben and Sheila, while having widely different topics, certainly informed and entertained us. Ben’s speech was aptly titled Imagine Living Beyond Our Dreams while Sheila’s speech was a story called This Little Piggy. Bill and Frank as evaluators demonstrated their status as seasoned pros.

Anne Marie as Table Topics Master kept the energy pumped with some Shake it UP music.  And I only have one question for Kay our Jokemaster. Where does she get all those jokes?

Next week our theme is Fly High, Land Gently. Even though today was a special open house, guests are welcome at every meeting. 7 am at Harmony Hall. You might not get  breakfast, but we always have the coffee on.

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