Icebreaker Speeches and Other Acts of Courage

A Journey to the Centre of Elvis Pacheco
By PJ Reece

icebergElvis Pacheco delivered his Ice-Breaker this morning.

He told the story of a trip to London Drugs to buy flash cards for his speech.  Sounds humdrum, even boring, but wait…

London Drugs was just a ploy, a ruse, a strategy to reveal himself through three encounters en route.  Conversations with three people would tell us much about who Elvis Pacheco is.  This is storytelling genius.

Dramatists might call the excursion to the mall a “misdirection.”  We are led to believe that flash cards are the goal of the shopping trip, but it’s just a set up.  As listeners, we eagerly climb aboard a story that involves a journey to anywhere, be it London Drugs, the Kon-Tiki Expedition, or the Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  Elvis got us on board and then introduced us to his special world of prayer.

Flash cards?  What flash cards?  Who cares about flash cards when we’re discovering what makes Elvis tick—what gets him out of bed in the morning, and what inspires his daily plunge in the sea.

Through three encounters with people whose lives Elvis has touched, we discovered the philosophy that guides his life:  Let yourself go, lead a simple life, pray.

By the time we arrived at London Drugs, we didn’t care what he came shopping for.  What can a “drug” store offer a man who has “prayer” coursing through his veins?

The kicker to Pacheco’s speech—if you were there to witness it—was that he didn’t even use those damn flash cards.

They were the perfect “misdirection,” a subterfuge, a deception, a gambit to get us going in the direction he really wanted to take us—toward knowing the real Elvis Pacheco.

Well done, sir.





One thought on “Icebreaker Speeches and Other Acts of Courage

  1. The ice was broken: we could hear it cracking. PJ – a wonderful evaluation and a wonderful blog post doing justice to an amazing speech introducing an amazing man (sir) into our midst. WOWW! Words of Wonder and Wisdom. And if you were at the meeting you’d know there was another reason for the iceberg image.

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