The Art of the Introduction

Introductions are an integral part of the learning at Toastmasters.

We use introductions in several different areas in our meetings.

  • We welcome and introduce new members and guests.
  • All roles are introduced by the Toastmaster of the day.
  • Every speech given at club meetings and contests must have an introduction.

In this short post, the focus will be speech introductions.

There is an art to writing the introduction to your speech. The ideas below were generated at a meeting of our sister club, Sunshine Toastmasters. Consider the following when you are writing your next introduction.

What is the purpose of the speech introduction?

  • To give the title of the speech and name of the speaker
  • To tell club members and audience which speech project the speaker is presenting
  • To give background information on the speaker that the speaker may not include in the speech
  • To intrigue the audience and whet their appetite for what’s coming
  • To set up the speech so the speaker can launch right into the speech
  • To outline why audiences would be interested in the content of the speech
  • To set the tone for the speech so that it matches the content – humorous, informative, dramatic, etc.

When you write your next speech introduction, consider these points and you will likely find that the introduction will practically write itself.

Extra Tip: Most people write the speech before the introduction. Why not try writing your speech introduction first?



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