Yule is Cool, Snow, and Four Legged Visitors

Written by Katherine Scott

Snow on the Sunshine Coast. It’s not impossible but it is somewhat unusual. We are much more likely to spend the winter months waterlogged and wearing a fleecy under a raincoat. However snow is what we had this morning as we all traveled from our various locations to our weekly Toastmasters Meeting. And it was totally fitting for our theme of the day – Yule is Cool.

The meeting was a smorgasbord of images, memories and the ways that Yule is Cool.

For our Toastmaster of the day, Sharon, what was special was having snow for the season and the feelings that impact her emotionally this time of year.

Bill inspired us with his reindeer cap, a toast to family and friends, and the question, “Isn’t it a time for reindeer?”

But it wasn’t a reindeer that was our four legged visitor. (Although at one point there might have been just a hint of sleigh bells in the air.)

No, it was Katie’s new puppy Sara, complete with her personal and portable home away from home. Of course, there was a chorus of Ahhhhhhhhh’s from the crowd as Sara appeared.  Katie was doing her second speech for her Competent Communication manual and Sara was her ‘prop’.

In her speech we heard Katie’s story of “will I get a dog, won’t I get a dog”, and we all know what her decision was!

And this would be a great place to  talk about how important language is for invoking images, memory and feeling. In her speech, Katie gave us some beautiful examples:

  • “The trouble (with deciding to get a puppy) began with the cuteness quotient.”
  • “Reason flew completely out the window.”  (She decided yes just from seeing a picture of Sara.)
  • “Sara was a 10 week old whirling dervish furball.”

As we continued with the remainder of the meeting, Frank reminded us all about making fruit cake and turning the handle of the old fashioned food grinder to mince all the ingredients. It seems that home made fruit cake (I remember it being made early and packed away in cheese cloth to age) is a dying art, one that Frank would not be sorry to see resurrected.

Patricia’s table topics were both fun and thoughtful, and Johanna in her first time as General Evaluator did a wonderful job, finishing up the last Morningstars meeting of the year.

Next meeting Jan 9th.

Blessings to You and Yours
Blessings to You and Yours

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