Local Toastmaster and World Traveller

Written by Kay Chapman of Morningstars Toastmasters Club

“You can’t fix any disease without fixing the underlying conditions” says Dr. Kate Wotton.

queen of EverythingMorningstars Toastmasters member Dr. Kate Wotton was interviewed by Associate Publisher Cathie Roy for an article in the Coast Reporter of Sept 7th, 2012. The focus of the article was Kate’s travels as a health care practitioner and teacher.

Kate leads a most fascinating professional life, all the while giving of her wise, caring, adventurous self.  She has practiced in Canada’s north, in Africa and Pakistan as a physician, a leader, a friend and a teacher.  She knew from the beginning that her interest was in healing in far flung areas so she set out to prepare herself with experiences in Canada’s north and by furthering her education.

Kate soon saw the need for basic education in health and sanitation as well as the need for hands on training. As well as administering to patients she works within communities to train community based health workers to spread the teachings.  Along with this step she authored manuals that can be downloaded, easily understood and used by anyone.  The books are free and enhanced with charming drawings by a Ugandan artist.

Kate has recently returned from working in Uganda so I for one am hoping to hear more from this brave, caring, modest and interesting woman.

One thought on “Local Toastmaster and World Traveller

  1. Hear, hear! I, too want to hear much more from Kate about her work and travels. And I missed that Coast Reporter article which I’ll now look up…

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