Competent Communicator Indeed!

That’s Joan on the right.

For Toastmasters the various Speech Series are guides designed to help toastmasters learn new presentation skills for communicating effectively in front of an audience.

Our club recently celebrated along with  Joan Higgs as she achieved an important milestone in the series. Joan answered the following questions to share her experience.

What’s your favourite thing about Toastmasters meetings?

I love that every meeting is always different, inspiring, and full of friendly laughter.

You recently reached a milestone. What was it and what did you have to achieve to reach your goal?

 I just delivered my 10th speech, which qualifies me as a “Competent Communicator”. That’s the first Toastmasters benchmark. I took a couple of years to do it. The toughest part for me isn’t presenting the speeches — it’s making the time to write and practice them well ahead of time. Practice really is the key, as with anything else.

What’s next for you in Toastmasters?

 In September I’ll begin working through the manuals I selected for my ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze). I’m motivated less by the designations than by the opportunities they afford to progress and improve. I chose Persuasive Speaking and The Professional Speaker. Should prove interesting!


Joan Higgs lives in Roberts Creek but doesn’t mind driving to Gibsons for those early Morningstars meetings. A recent graduate of SFU (BA and MA in Social Anthropology), she embodies the credo of “lifelong learning”. Predating and postdating her academic interests, Joan is committed to personal transformation through meditation and self-inquiry.    


3 thoughts on “Competent Communicator Indeed!

  1. Well done Joan! Indeed, it is always difficult in busy lives, to find the time to practice and perfect … but you have done that! And you will do it again as you move forward to the next challenge.

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