For the Sheer Joy of It

Written by Michael Worsfold

Michael Worsfold - Toastmasters - Sheer Joy of ItMost people join Toastmasters to gain confidence and skill in speaking. Maybe they’ve got some speaking event coming up or a project they want to lead. Some join for the community.

Confidence and skill are usually the focus at first. Then something magical happens. People keep coming for the fun of it. For the sheer joyfulness of the experience. They love
speaking and encouraging others to grow.

It’s fitness in that way. At first, the exercise is hard. It’s painful. But you do it because you are motivated by the end result. Then you reach a point where it’s fun. You need it. You love it.

Sometimes people discover a part of themselves they didn’t know was there. Like being a
storyteller or a comedian. I discovered that I could write poetry and songs. I sometimes sing my songs as stories…as my speech assignments.

That’s a lesson I learned early. Use Toastmasters to further your personal goals.

Soon you’ll be coming to the meetings for the sheer joy of it!

Keeping Pace with the Times

Keeping Pace with the Times - ToastmastersToastmasters is an old and respected global brand with a new promise to help you shine and to realize your dreams as a communicator.

You might think: “Who gives toasts these days?”

A friend mine recently got the call unexpectedly. He had no time to think. It was a retirement dinner and the man who was supposed to do the job, was sick so the boss asked my friend if he would say a few words and toast the woman who was retiring.

“No” was not an option. He got through it okay, but a bit of practice beforehand would have been good.

As Warren Buffet famously said, “Your speaking ability is either an asset or a liability… that lasts a lifetime.” How many opportunities are you missing because you are avoiding speaking in public, or not doing your best when you do get the opportunity?

The basics are still very much in demand. There are many occasions where adults are asked to say a few words. Do you hide, or can you stand up and impress?

Change is the biggest factor that shapes our lives. We all have to deal with it no matter what our stage of life. Most importantly, we all need to be able to tell our story. That means we all need to constantly update our story as our lives progress. So if someone says “ Tell us about yourself”, you shine with a compelling story, instead of stumbling through a dry laundry list of what you do.

Pathways projects are designed to align with your highest communication challenges.
They can help you to clarify who you are, shape your story, design your website offer, add a
short video of you telling your story, create a blog, or start a vlog. Doing any of these things alone without training is difficult. With support, you can be there quickly and easily. You’ll wonder why it took so long.

Keeping Pace with the Times - Bragging About Granddaughter
Maybe you just want to brag about your new granddaughter!

By the way, in case you are wondering, all of this applies if you are retired. You are creating a new purpose to be useful and make a difference. Toastmasters will keep you growing and keep you young!

Toastmasters has never been more relevant, or more able to help you reach your goals.  Be our guest any Wednesday at 7 am. Find out what you’re missing.

You’ll have fun. That’s a promise!

MorningStars meets every Wednesday at Harmony Hall, Harmony Lane, Gibsons. CLICK HERE for map and details.

Written by
Michael Worsfold, VP Education,
MorningStars Toastmasters, Gibsons, B.C.

24 Students to Participate in Youth Leadership Program

24 students from grades 10-12 will be taking part in the 8- week Toastmasters Youth Leadership program at Elphinstone beginning January 28th this year.

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program
Teacher Ms. Sarah Mani preps student as chair

Public speaking was introduced to the Elphi Youth Leadership Program by teacher Ms. Sarah Mani in collaboration with Morningstars Toastmaster Kay Wotton in 2012. The program has evolved over the years to allow students to polish their speaking and listening skills. Meeting weekly over eight weeks, students present two prepared speeches as well as undertaking various meeting roles including the chair, general evaluator, word master, and table topics.

Telling Your Story
Telling Your Story

A key to the success of the program lies in many students taking part during all three years they are at Elphinstone. The older students jump right into making speeches and role models for younger students allowing for seamless, interactive learning.

By noticing strengths in each other’s speeches and suggesting areas for improvement, students soon develop skills in providing positive feedback while learning how to ensure a message comes across more effectively. The Table Topics exercise during each meeting creates an opportunity for students to pull together on-the-spot responses to a current topic, thus preparing them for job interviews, impromptu meetings, and conversations.

Convincing Others
Convincing Others

Graduates of the program say it has provided them with confidence as well as effective tools in public speaking. This year, Jessica Carroll was appointed as student trustee on the SD 46 School Board while Gravity Guignard was selected as a Youth Councilor of the Town of Gibsons.

This year Toastmasters Sandy Wrightman, Darcy Davis-Case, and Kay Wotton will be assisting with the program.